Curtains and Drapery

Pinch pleat curtains are a highly decorative heading, drawing together lots of fabric into a tightly gathered and stitched bunch at the top. The permanently sewn-in pleats make for a smart finish, with elegant folds flowing from top to bottom. You can have pinch pleat curtains with either a pole or a track.

Pinch Pleat

The most popular style of curtains and drapes that incorporate a timeless design by creating fabric folds called pleats. Today’s most popular designs are the 2 finger pleat and 3 finger pleat. Great for openings of all sizes.

  • Functions well.
  • Looks great under valances.
  • Stripes & plaids may not line up with pleats.
  • Pleating on pattern is sometimes possible
  • Silk fabrics should always be interlined.
  • Can use decorative rod with rings or traverse rod.
  • Consider ring size when determining drapery length; ring size is not included in finished length.

Ripple Fold

Ripplefold is a system that uses a 1″ wide snap tape sewn along the top of a flat drapery panel. This creates a perfect S shape pattern in the fabrics flow.
  • Best used for larger openings with extra wall run off.
  • Stack when opened does build up into the window more than other styles.
  • Mounted to a traversing rod system with many decorative options.
  • Fullness of folds can be chosen from 80%, 100%, or 120%
  • Looks great with natural linen fabrics.

Grommet Top

This modern design allows you to showcase beautiful fabric with a S shaped style. The top of the fabric has a grommet ring pressed on which is how it suspends from the designer rod.

  • Grommet drapes function well with a baton for most window sizes.
  • Rod diameter needs to be less than or equal to 1-3/8″.
  • Not recommended as a one way draw for sliders or windows over 48″
  • Treatment does not return to the wall
  • Stripes and directional patterns may need special attention and handling.
  • Silk fabrics should always be interlined.

Pocket Top

Pocket/ Tab
Rod pocket drapes are versatile and timeless, with endless variations that work well with any style of décor. Pocket drapes work exceptionally well with sheer fabrics.
  • Best used as a stationary treatment because the panel cannot stack any tighter than cumulative tab width.
  • Seams at top will be visible with sheer fabrics.
  • Mount high enough so molding and glass are not visible behind tabs.
  • Silk fabrics should always be interlined.
  • Fewer tabs per width will give a more casual look.

Popular Woods

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Combining Shades and Drapes

Pairing shades and drapes can add drama and dimension to a room, while providing flexible light control and adding more insulation at the window.

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